17 November 2008

Richard Jelfs Is 30!


Thirty years today and not one minute
older than that blithe spirit engendered
when it all began. Sir, though we waver
in dubbing thee by name of Alma Mater –
Peter Pan – if the costume fits and wear
engages, it is the suit to suit the ages.

Glibly we attest the joyousness attended
in your wake – you make a gloomy day a
pleasant time to waste. Your cheer is wine
discretely aged in bottles less the dust and
pedantry; no jest, the Jelfs in you equates
to risqué fun unleashed in fulsome sun.

Surrounded by the friends of years who
gather where the merriment is best – be
it said irreverent but true to hearts that
beat in tune with common themes which
never end. Would that we could be again
with you to share in breezy devilment.

Happy Birthday – Richard the Perennial,
Lionhearted Son of Jest, Courtier to fun
and gaiety, living on the run from aged
disease. These are feathers in your cap
to wear with flair and freshness yet, be
assured you’ll never age a day like that.
© 22 July 2008, I. D. Carswell

Familial ‘Tall Son’ & Court Jester Richard Jelfs turns 30 on November 14th

Happy Birthday Stretch!