25 January 2009

Liberal Shenanigans


Boondoggle Boy is back – grazie mille from
Wentworth(ville) scorched in on a blinder
to sack ol’ pastry face as Liberal leader. Let
me say I’m pleased Malcolm Turnbull got
the nod and Dr Brendon Nelson the slap.

Remains to be seen how the new chap will
help Liberals regain pace – way behind in
the race thru droll dawdling and Parkinson’s
disease, stymied in popularity stakes; for
Malcolm’s sake we await new polls eagerly.

Punt up Joe Hockey, I’d say he’s worth a burst
of the finest invective to serve a new-look
bury Abbott in the same plot as the (never-ran)
Costello, wipe the bloody slate clean with Julie
Bishop; hey, let’s have at it for real fun again!
© 16 September 2008, I. D. Carswell