24 January 2009

Nobody’s Fool (but his own)


Robert Mugabe’s nobody’s fool –
but there the judgment ends
his fractured rhetoric is drooled
so constantly it wends a crooked
mile in fear that’s freed to bear
immodest marks on baited souls
victimised by farce – which he
alone did author, grieve and
unfortunately – still outlasts

it’s not too late to beat a warrior’s
retreat with honour and respect
intact; but the old snake lies curled
in shock and disbelief praying for
the last telling chance to strike a
craven blow & bring delusion to its
knees; please, he’s mad as a hatter,
its way past time ZANU cut him free

were I Morgan Tsangaris there’d
be no easy sleep if Robert freely
roams his manic paths delusory
© 17 September 2008, I. D. Carswell