31 January 2009

Out On Bail


Malcolm (The New Messiah) Turnbull
disavows his Merchant Banking days
made him a thief; ok, let’s say amoral
bandit then, pressed into self-service
for immediate relief, but those days are
done, the enemy now runs to errant
maladministers of government.

He ducks and weaves his past while
confidants and icons of those years are
tarred by reputations justly shared –
yet he jeers at efforts to abate a credit
squeeze as useless and naïve in view
of $US700 billion reasons to support
a very shaky status quo.

Question: who can we afford and who
must we believe? Can he chastely wear
the disapprobrium deserved by greedy
banks who led this merry chase? Recall,
he’s tainted by its taste – and though
he wears in innocence a comely veil
I’d say it’s he who’s out on bail.
© 25 September 2008, I. D. Carswell