14 January 2009

Plea To Demand

plea to demand
Well, it WAS ‘The Australian’ – that may well explain
why ‘plea’ became ‘demand’ in the article’s first line

a loose coalition of media organisations
made a plea seeking interpretative guarantees
to ease the potential impact of Queensland’s
severe media laws

it seems refusal to answer any CMC* query
during a Queensland commission hearing
has the potential to carry a maximum
sentence of twelve months jail

Right to Know (the media coalition’s name),
headed by News Limited (yes, it’s the same
‘limited news’ crew again) sought dispensations
to avoid any prospect of incarceration

if potential exists for charges to be brought
they ‘demand’ exemption from sentencing
through a tacit journalistic privilege of
non-disclosure of news source

how ironic - they’ve been foisting their
versions of spurious and/or blatantly biased
news reports forever anyway – are they
now afraid they’ll be caught out of hand?
© 10 September 2008, I. D. Carswell

*CMC: Crime and Misconduct Commission