19 May 2009

$42 Billion Reasons Why


A mercenary in every sense Nick
Zenophon has earned contempt;
his claim to principle and decency
a buttered sham of Liberal bread
abandoned when his politics were
screwed in Liberal Party tiers.

The Senator, a barrister of no repute,
appears inured against the obvious
pursuit of personal notoriety – cares
less for common good and more for
opportunity, $900 million to buy more
votes within his own elite electorate.

There’s $42 billion reasons to appear
perplexed at Nick’s shenanigans. Is he
xenophobic Greek or oddly Australian?
Would it be naive to wonder why he
grasps the money while he batts a
Liberal’s nearly independent eye?
© 13 February 2009, I. D. Carswell

Note: Australia’s $42 billion dollar economic
stimulus package was passed today when Independent
Senator Nick Zenophon reversed his previous decision
to not support the bill. And he only got a $900m bribe.