18 May 2009

Bush Fire Shame

got stung yesterday by a
crook claiming he collected
for the Red Cross “Victoria
Bush Fires” appeal

normally wouldn’t yield to it
but the past six days have
been extreme, emotionally

hearing shocking bush fire
stories daily, gory interviews;
gradually changed from blasé to
concerned as the death-toll grew

sort of knew a sure-fire way
to sublimate angst  – gave
to the first relief collector
who happened to call

a shonky deal; seems all
he collected was for himself
they said on the news, not
Red Cross in the least

so who do I blame? We’re
all dupes of a confidence trick;
lame state government fire
regulations that always fail

the poor bastards who lost
their lives and those who tried to
save them, police and relief
workers, even arsonists were

upstaged in raw ferocity of
nature bested again, put easily
to shame by laissez faire intrusion
of obligatory self-interest
© 12 February 2009, I. D. Carswell