05 June 2009

60 Reasons To Celebrate


60 Reasons (to celebrate)
For Karin Rosenqvist on her
60th Birthday – 4 April 2009

It only seems a year ago
you had your birthday on
the farm, a rustic breakfast
served in bed with charms
and gifts to greet the day.

It was a gentle way to say
hello to you, a welcoming,
a ringing in of things we
share as family – a
bearing of necessities.

And now our clans are one
and same; in truth we’re glad
that Freja Jean has tamed the
wanderings, an heir to you,
a golden year upon your age.

Nothing’s treasured like the
way of love received or given
more wholeheartedly, we cede
our hearts to Karin dear in
wishing you a happy day.
© 21 March 2009, I. D. Carswell