04 June 2009

Wasted Space

wasted space

Drivel’s too polite an affirmation,
yet to hear the new reborn-again dust
off their heinous faith and re-acclaim
old battle cries that ache of dried
and droughty yesteryears forsakes
what stands for commonsense

Eleven Years Is Much Too Bloody Long
their cant – forgetting foment in their
ranks, new-found amity of so-called
allies knives disguised in recent wary
backs as new-forged LNP ‘comes out’
to prance upon election’s centre stage

It breaks a drought of somnolence at
least, whines of disaffect from greedy
streets ask blatantly; come on mate,
the economy is stuffed okay, so show
your hand – what’$ in it then, in $$
terms, for a vote from me?

A hellish leap of faith when Federal
friends don’t run the Treasury – tho’
con and hype might whip ‘em through
their airy fiscal plans advise us to
awake and see we’re vacancies and
votes for LNP are wasted space
© 18 March 2009, I. D. Carswell

Lawrence Springborg leads LNP to
polls Saturday, 21 March 2009.
Antipathy towards Labor’s years
rather than realistic expectations
of a novice LNP in Government will
decide the elections outcome...