13 June 2009

June Thirteenth

Anita & Freja

If I didn’t mark this day in passing
if I didn’t make this date a part of
solid History I’d fail – a day to fix in
memory and memory will prevail

June thirteenth, Gemini of Mercury
an element of Air – where hunger
for awareness rests, your love
therein is seen a proper reckoning

Measure of your length and breadth
despairs dimensions of your ardent
heart – cathedral blessed, especially
in loving – sets your warmth apart

I know and love your being as a
comforting, liberty from loneliness
of empty tomes, a candle light of
passage gleam safely leading home

Blessed I am to know you well for all
these humble years, your inspiration
wills me write of you – and I shall ‘til
Lethe waters still my trembling hand

© 8 June 2009, I. D. Carswell