08 June 2009



Tried to doze
with deranged demons
screaming slogans in the
haven of sleep’s folds;

while not entirely
meaningless they issued
from mouths all perfect ‘O’s
rehearsed in mirrors of
pre-polled public opinion

the outpourings polished,
diaphanously melodious
in obtuse displays

that old-time
Carnival atmosphere
used to buoy us up once
I said, regretting it instantly –
and bullish hype was popcorn
for our ears; but I couldn’t
eat another word – there’s
nothing here but empty
rhetoric, and they don’t
return calls

so you did vote they
urged today – and I
reply vaguely, oh yes,
in the same passage
of sleep they so
rudely denied...
© 22 March 2009, I. D. Carswell