10 July 2009

Amending Reality


When these moments come
again you’re killed no less
the hollow dread’s an artefact
of expectations’ ache, a legacy;
she’s been and gone beset by
weltered messages perplexed
of fragile confusion – of six
weeks amending reality

Two weeks we’d celebrate a
double anniversary – revelry will
have to wait propitious times
wherein she finds a niche. It isn’t
here and now and that’s a bleak
reminder forty years has failed
to settle proper peace – for which
this place still censures me

From here where does my love
survive; as wings a-glide, riding
slipstream of passage, rising in
her wake, fed by dreams from a
lake of our memories – rapt in
the melodies that sing into tears,
safe in the rhythms we’ve shared
forty years
© 2 June 2009, I. D. Carswell

1 comment:

  1. Okay Ivan,
    maybe someday I'll gain your trust, and you'll share with me "whom" you write some of your posts about. Is this your life?