11 July 2009

Views Of Commonplace


It ceased to rain enough to
break insane world-weariness
even if a fleeting sun changed
moods beset with desolate and
abject views of commonplace

I know you only left today, to
be exact 9:10am – and in the
wet of faceless showers but
going sent me back to where
coming back inflamed despair

Your final words were, “please
take care,” – and I will for
there is hope of your return –
I agree it is my optimism only
fuelled in surreal guarantees

But I see you driving the Pacific
Highway (glad you’re not alone)
exchanges in the car say what you
mean to me; I needed to leave,
you say, I didn’t have to go
© 2 June 2009, I. D. Carswell


1 comment:

  1. When love is there to be
    let it go..
    When clarity brings it back on it's wings
    It's there for ever more...