04 July 2009



They closed the Range road to
Peachester, it was one lane and
subsidence-reduced for a week
after the spell of torrential rain.

Next three weeks the only way
out will be by Bald Knob, a sad
wee goat track to Landsborough,
it’s got locals spouting mad.

Being stuck here is bad enough
they bitch but that damn road adds
30km and half an hour to what
should be a ten minute trip.

Not to mention increasing risk by
dicing with death – Bald Knob is
the pits, someone will surely
get killed up there.

And me, I’m not going anywhere!
Don’t mind the wait. Construction
crews working 24/7 – never seen
that ever in this sleepy place.
© 29 May 2009, I. D. Carswell