03 July 2009



I do not feel invaded, no
dislocation manifests raw
anger or despair, things are
much the same yet they are
there in thousands – scented
traps bear evidence

Indianmeal moth (Plodia
interpunctella)  – from a
cornmeal package if one goes
along with ‘LivingWithBugs’
prose, where we, as innocents,
inanely protect those gainfully guilty

1856, Entomologist Asa Fitch
first named them – no racial
vilification intended, back
then cornmeal, where the
larvae were initially found,
was known as ‘Indian meal’

Nothing has changed since,
granaries still give Plodia a leg
up in life, lax warehousing
practices aid survival, retail
chains rarely agree the
problem is theirs as well

Meanwhile we have moths in
the air from larvae-infested
food packages bearing a common
point of origin. Where? The
friendly aisles of your egregiously 
in-denial grocery store
© 28 May 2009, I. D. Carswell