02 July 2009

Where You Are Not Going


get professional help they
say, break out of the cycle
– share a burden, make
moves to dissipate shades
of the black dog hounding
your heels

easily said topped up on
dopamine fearing no-one
or anything excepting a pale
fringe to a mirror’s discrete
reflection of events you guess
are yet to happen

sleeping fitfully in fear of
sliding from the road of reason
crashing – guilt feelings
painting no-passing lanes in
don’t-dare-to-comment tinctures
dawdling along highways

irrelevant events ignite self-
loathing where esteem fails in
motion, shrink to a disappearing
point of nowhere on an incident
horizon of nothing highlighting
where you are not going
© 9 April 2009, I. D. Carswell

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