04 August 2009



Pee on a window pane cascading
animating a clear flow closed-eye
taxonomy of emancipation’s awed
innocence weighed open-mouthed
in greeting

Release of a life span stream plagued
with do’s and don’ts - the raggedly
jailed consequence of a pelvic stasis
freed outdoors praised to pee copiously
and without lament

Limber curves of your pure rump
heals what I see - no crude perimeter
to begin and end a torrent except
where rivulets lament in bubbles
spread between your feet

Voyeurs’ feasting fades into nothingness
where eyes fail this test of glory
sure, the crouched figure raises blasé
desires but there is no rebuttal
of relief...
© 22 June 2009, I. D. Carswell