25 October 2009


new Age Nexus

survival questions
candour in what once you
held as dear – dumbed
mementos jousting displaced
souvenirs of time and space
silent smiling faces snapped
too long ago now nuance
in a different way

pictured here you see an
enigmatic man you knew
belittled by a subtlety of
wisdom’s barefaced grin
the gaze of his eyes drawn
backward to a day etched
thin by changes anxious as
his rumpled clothes

a new-age nexus price is
paid in stunted growth and no
respite for agonies sustained
his days are now betrothed
to tending trophies stuffed
with frugal dreams aloofly
kept alive as hopes entombed
in timeless infancy
© 25 September 2009, I. D. Carswell