24 October 2009

Intrepid Sailor


today’s inane debate rages whether
a 16 year old sailor is old enough to
be youngest (palpably female) solo
Around-The-World circumnavigator

at best a few commentators play on
age and sex as vested interests left
over from the dark ages while the
rest make paternalistic gestures

Jessica Watson at just sixteen is a
a capable mariner – yet where she
exceeds older swabs skills she’s
claimed as still being too green

World’s history of solo voyages says
detractors’ voices seldom dissuade
the intrepid – she’s going and bulk
carriers’ keep out of her way

is it too much of a silent assent – her
accolades outweigh what were meant
as cautionary tales but the brave are
not those prompting debate
© 11 September 2009, I. D. Carswell