26 November 2009

Did I Forget


as if you paid the going price
you have delayed facing what
you know is patently pending
doing dishes merely suggests
creative avoidance and vanity
hand basin scrubbed clean for
first time ever may register to
discerning eyes but no air of
benign justification abides or
lends credibility

okay – in your defence the
clay oven chicken is on at
7:15 am for a two hour bake
the day shows signs of relenting
it will be just another boring
Saturday with tomorrow’s plans
imminent but entrenched – time
already spent suggests you’ve
given advantage to a quaint
but selective dementia

you were supposed to write a
verse today celebrating this
new-age of reason where the
key is acceptance – but I don’t
see you doing it yet; it may be
a vestige of the old ways and
I apologise for driving hard at
stratagems I believe deprecate
that sense of being in touch
or did I forget something...
© 10 October 2009, I. D. Carswell