28 November 2009

Harder To Catch


You could say TWO green tree frogs
in the dunny is a double blessing
or not an ordinary event whereas
one is a regular happening

Aha, difficulty with the term ‘dunny’
I see – it means toilet, water closet,
crapper, can, whatever and that
paints an intriguing picture

GREEN TREE FROGS in the can?
Yes, water is a natural home to
them although the venue is less
than salubrious

I’d rather they sing in the evening
from trees as is their habit but
these chaps seem to cling to a
nether view by preference

It means I’ll need to put a sign
on the guest toilet – something
clever like ‘frog sanctuary – use
with sense of humour intact’

They’re getting harder to catch...
© 13 October 2009, I. D. Carswell