05 November 2009

NRL Semis 2009


Anyone who says
being a hermit is great
didn’t sit with me and me mate last night
watching the Eels slip it to the Dogs

If one needs company for some things
NRL semis are the epitome
I got the Parra pick right while Mick
went for canine dementia

That isn’t to say
we weren’t ashamed of the referees
to get a ticket the shockers should
be made play the game

I’d see more sense
in a battered face occasionally blowing
the whistle than listening to
supposition based nonsense

But hey, the Eels are in
Dogs back in their hutch
and tonight God willing – the Broncos’ll kick
Sturm und Drang butt
© 26 September 2009, I. D. Carswell