08 November 2009



Not knowing what to look for weighs
scales against finding what I would
not likely recognise anyway –
feels like certain failure

Yet the money paid rests easy
in a bank’s ownership that fails
intelligence tests of what
I’d expect legitimacy to be

But stubbornness invades with
a brusque sense of ‘Yeah,
Screw the Establishment’
I’ll not give in yet

Examine ageing registers and there
vaguely familiar yet in cogent detail
Parcels of Shares I didn’t recognize
I ever really owned

But the quandary remains
how in all honesty can I represent
a me I never was and what
would the proof of it be?

The preamble says obliquely -
"He whose name bears witness on
these Certificates of Ownership I 

am to prove I am"      
© 30 September 2009, I. D. Carswell