14 February 2010

Reading Clouds

I just record these things, he
glibly said, it’s what I see; if
you can take a meaning then
that’s surely fine by me.

First, a face in profile, strong
nose, prominent brow crowned
in bouffant afro, an eye widens
blue – pursed lips exhale a puff
of smoke in cloud exude drawn
slow in hazy strands, features
last to fade the eye and nose.

And then a boxing kangaroo, a
caricature of cockiness with
head upraised and ears alert,
paw in fisted stance. It couldn’t
be a dog as was my want initially
so commonsense and I agreed; a
strong and stable sight it stayed
in view for quite some time.

The last intrigued; a hollow in
the cloud allowed a view beyond.
Lighter greys and pastel blues
outlined the figure from a mural
which I knew; the scene a focus
on creation where just Adam’s
hand and face appeared.

If Michelangelo had meant I see
this marvel in the clouds with
focussed clarity then you can
be assured I’m rightly proud.
© 29 January 2010, I. D. Carswell