13 February 2010

Seeking Grandparents

It says without pretension something's there;
Fiona Swan requests grandparents for her kids
suggests they have a zest for life, an openness
and willingness to share their wisdom, love
and time.

Nathan, three-and-a-half, Sarah, 18 months
and two month old James of Caroline Springs,
Victoria, are grand-parentless in effect with
just the one grandma who’s stranded living

It says Fiona Swan’s maternally astute, knows
values of complete unbiased parenting without
pretence – there’s wisdom in her quest belying
claims that superficial, mercenary aims would
seek a babysitter share a grandma’s role.

I’d volunteer if I were near enough for sure
my grandkids live 2000 miles away although
I see them care of Skype and smile and laugh
with urchins whom I love to hold in arms I’m
sure were thus designed.

If you’ve the time then volunteer; the sense
of family you gain invades those spaces left
that made you whole back when your children
whispered in your ear. Tell me true, there
were no sweeter words than “I love you!”
© 28 January 2010, I. D. Carswell