19 April 2010

20 Minute Showers

How much water do
you really need defined
today as that you
cannot LIVE without
- and where a 20 min
shower as such is not
a vital harmony

We know you can
survive okay on 4.5
litres for drinking but
not much less – so
we’re thinking current
usage rates are probably
a bit too luxurious

An average we’ve
seen is somewhere
between 190 – 300
litres per person per
day; multiply that by
6.7 billion and you’re

A billion is followed by
9 zeros – real easy, so
estimated World usage
pattern’s between 13
and 20 trillion litres
give or take a few lazy
billion per day

You’re probably thinking
no cause for alarm yet but
we’re talking ‘drinking’ water
AND growing population –
global warming means our
fresh water resources are
already shrinking
© 22 March 2010, I. D. Carswell