02 June 2010

Draft Of Air

it’s only Democratic
IF you get your way

a claim that’s made
suggests a common
good exists – which
only you can see and
I must be the dumbest
twit you’ve ever met –
who in opposing you
questions who and
what you represent

why, ALL of you, is
your surprised reply,
as if to say I didn’t
realise you need a pair
of guide dog eyes

but I persist, I cannot
see a scheme to make
you rich will bring a
benefit that we can
share – to me the risk
remains unfairly set

your view pollutes the
sea and carbonates the
atmosphere with plastic
promises; the fish and
coral reefs despair

so I’m the enemy of
economic growth, free
enterprise and progress
for questioning your
objectives, am unworthy
of citizenship, must be
deprived of democratic
rights and sentenced to

is that your democracy?
© 13 April 2010, I. D. Carswell