05 June 2010

Does You Good

Does you good to get away
first up there’s planning like
where you’re going to go and
when and how consideration
that gets in the way of esoterica
as ordinary as obtaining tickets
and arriving on time in an airport
safely at a somewhat hazy and
indistinct future date

but that’s a long way away and
there are still things to be done
before packing becomes priority –
thinking through things of who’ll
feed the pets and collect mail
while you weed madly, spray
or mow trying to maintain an
even status quo of symmetry
to greet your imagined return

departure day doubt still nags
you missed something relevant
which preys until 42,000 feet
and fluffy clouds separate you
effacing world-weariness; relax
articulates, too late to amend a
present-view assurance you’re
on your way, depressurisation
of descent begins

landing, another acculturation
pretends to be a vacation from
mundaneness – sleep bathes raw
nerves and in the end liquors of
conviviality seep affably into
empty reservoirs, seduced by a
shy smile of agreement and the
small hands which ask only to
be held gently assuring peace

then the same going backward
– arriving where reality stands
18 inches proud of rampant weed
beds and rains stay vigilant
you know it will take more than
the days you were away to tame
such anarchy but it does you good
when you can complain to yourself
with a sense of achievement
© 17 March 2010, I. D. Carswell