25 June 2010

Leadership Spill

So Julia ends up in the hot seat
and Tony Abbott fills his pants;
I get a feel it was orchestrated
by Media about a week back –
in the event took key players a
while to get their lines straight

Not Tony though, he’s had a
change of clothes on this one
– surprised the dibble flowed
a bit recklessly and the stain
just too close a not very well
kept toilet training secret

It floored him to his bigoted
pleats. Although Kevvy stood
aside in a bloodless spill, as if
he knew who would be worst
wounded, he’s a frail figure of
the once dashing Cavalier

Chances of a Poll U-turn just
may now be a lay-down misere;
Julia is a stronger Lady than
Tony’s street wise, and boxing
at bouffant shadows won't win
him the sheila’s accolades
© 25 June 2010, I. D. Carswell