07 June 2010

Talking Drivel

16 June 2010

So she’s talking shit – but with
panache, an oratory imbroglio
for Mama perhaps, but not so
Grandpapa; he only sees
himself addressed

she’s the soul of self-assured
a progressive who tends less
to pesky rules of formal diction
& grandiose expression – hand
movements revealing nuances
matured in pre-lingual effigy
synchronised with lip-movement
and eye-travel – such an accord
translated laboriously by her
Patrons, what does she mean?

Is it about this and that and a
spot over there with a vague
whomever wanting to know if
it’s worth a toss – and that’s
the latest news according
to Freja Jean observing her
co-respondents all reverently
talk similar drivel anyway!
© 17 June 2010, I. D. Carswell