25 August 2010

Hung Parliament

Polling ceased last Saturday but
not all bless'd rants, electioneering
rages still, a plague, a bastardy
that never-ends or so it seems
and a hung parliament looms a
legacy of unrepentant lunacy
for all to pay

Nobody won, that's evident but
listening to their manic shrieks
lays claim the others lost hands
down because 'the people' didn't
take the proffered bait of lies all
nicely spiced, or failed to see a
case of obvious duplicity

Hung parliament thus is where
politicians dangle in a noose; it
isn't a fancy idea or an excuse
for independents to abjure their
responsibility of humanely hanging
members of both major political
parties, commencing immediately
© 24 August 2010, I. D. Carswell