24 August 2010

Podger On The Job

'Podger', not his name but then it sounds
much better than the lame and grievous
slander deemed of being but a podgy dog

I'm Podge he says – a terrier by name &
creed and what you see is what you get;
I make restrained apology for being that

A hairy wee intransigent our Podger has
uncanny ways of taking the 'mickey' out
of manners staid with intense discourtesy

He makes slander sound cute with an
evasive logic predisposed by a scurrilous
woof and tentative paw congenially placed

You can't beat Podge at his game, whether
intense voyeuristic habits ingrained by
hiding under bedclothes expectantly

Or being in place to further debate on
freedoms he imagines were always his
to claim as rewards for canine diligence
© 31 July 2010, I. D. Carswell