23 September 2010

Purple Path Of Promises


never easy isn’t it, a sure-
fire way of making waves
that tangle tentacles of gloom
better not to think of it
or let assume that an
alternative could ease
the cranky agony

and so you saw no purple
path of promises adorned
along an ordinary avenue
that lead to love’s
enlightenment – no
scenic wonderland inviting
you to dance

but in a distant only slightly
out of view perchance
you glimpsed bewildered
by an avalanche of sound
embracing what is clear 
as the romance you’d
hungered for

it’s yearning at the door
with room for you – hurry
now the truth is tender in the
eyes and solid in the stance
those arms are strong desire
to hold you firm
© 16 August 2010, I. D. Carswell