31 January 2011

Cove Road


potholes on Cove Road have me
thinking – too irregular to assume
a conspiracy yet I dream a dire
Machiavellian plot to destabilise
this graciously gravelled road 

locals aren’t staying away and the
route has patrons addicted to a cute
reverse snobbery gained by arriving
in a ute with muddy dirt-track
travel-stains clearly evident 

then there’s me, an ‘Old Cove’ too,
with elegance lost on tarseals coterie
the outré flamboyance déclassé to
a cohort so certain of their age and
the speed it takes to arrive safe 

bugger the cost I say – defying
tyre-eating incidents on a road with
more character evident than the main
route radar cops lurking churlishly
in tendentiously mufti cars
© 5 October 2010, I. D. Carswell