01 February 2011


we went to Bongaree to celebrate 
that special day, it was her sixtieth
and she decreed a picnic by the sea

we made the journey early to avoid
the heat, arrived upon a Bribie beach
where dogs on leash were deemed ok

and so it came to pass that Podge and
Money were at last to contemplate a
dose of sea-run sand and saltiness

they played the game with style and
queued to pee on every bushy clump
and tree for miles along the beach

we reached the end of their free reign
upon the esplanade and found that
Buckley’s Hole was truly out of bounds

a site preserved for birds to breed the
sign implied with dogs denied, although
intrepid trekkers might proceed

it was a shame but we curtailed the
stroll and threw a twig or two into sea
for Podge to swim out and retrieve

Money pranced excitedly but wouldn’t
take a chancy dive for twigs in surf that
barely lapped an inch upon the beach

we lunched in ease with Nature by the
sea, ate golden baked calzone stuffed
with prawns and cheese – sipped tea

the place rekindled memories of blissful
dreams we shared as kids, where
beachside airs indeed repaired our faith
© 19 November 2010, I. D. Carswell