20 February 2011

First Kiss Of Greeting


Fragility of mind breaks free to agonise
in restless noise that reigns inside – does
silence thus deny all wonts of me she
grieves, where is love in Coventry – raw
replies still tangle tongues, shatter ears

Poised betrothed ‘tho yet he flees like
fearing fires – hides in vacancy; sadness’s
uncertainty endows the whispered doubts –
a brittle clatter thrives in acumen upset
with drought of dread calamity

Cries to a full moon grievously, tell me
why, my love’s unqualified, why the pain
affianced to misery – those clamoured
voices fused in me who sentence gloom
should please explain

Waking alone in the night of a vale of tears
no accent of reason prevails; anxious clich├ęs
fettered in pale rhetoric entwine, unleash
vagaries – but then on meeting no mystery
exists in the first kiss of greeting
© 24 November 2010, I. D. Carswell