15 February 2011



some contemplations gain 
integrity ostensibly – events
completely unrelated scheme
in concert to facetiously
create an aura of propriety

and then it seems the floor
we’re contemplating doesn’t
need a sweeping or a mop
to clean because it really
isn’t at that stage just yet

we’d say that practicality
invents its own reality – not
churlish premises to lend a
hand to theorise what might
surmise a wiser course

so the floor resists a broom
we’d wield if this were ever
slightly true – meaning flies
that flew and died and fell
afoot are hardly cause alone

besides, the footwear on our
feet designs capacity to beat
the lies of dust and grit – which
is a non-event – so why devise
pretense of lasting ill at ease?
© 28 October 2010, I. D. Carswell