17 March 2011

Break The Awkwardness


it only takes a smile implied
to break the awkwardness –

there is no better place than
where the comfort warming
hearts is open welcoming;
your sweetness has no guile
unless I miss the obvious

dejection sets a stony caste
of farcicality, it’s laughable
but few will see the signs
oblique or joke a tepid mote
upon its grievous oddity

from where I sat depressed
your comeliness embossed
despair in wafts of charm, I
wallow in allure which sets
the captive tiger free

tho’ it’s no sinecure I’ll be a
better beast for your acclaim;
this is accoutrement to wear
which fĂȘtes a welcome smile
to break the awkwardness
© 5 December 2010, I. D. Carswell