16 March 2011



two feet of raging water doesn’t rate
extreme – though a decision not to
enter it put status on the line indeed;
wisdom should be seen to be engaged
persuading rational choice before one
enters any flooded roadway stream

turning right away the proper thing –
when dry & freeway bound recrimination
is an easy cross to bear, better than that
incognito acrimony worn being uselessly
borne downstream in an anarchic mess
of turbulent, muddy-watered buoyancy

though it is rare opportunity, a desire
to paddle in deep and natural flows
persists where toy-crazed small boys
ideas of challenges are exposed – and
belief in 4WD invulnerability exceeds
restrained or rational explanation

any intermittent Sunday off-road male
sees no intricacy but this driver knew
better than to mess with the rain and
Mother Nature – so it didn’t happen; no
Whys or Wherefores or So Be It, therefore –
debating should have ended there...
© 7 December 2010, I. D. Carswell