03 March 2011

A Choice Gnaw

senator barnaby joyce

attempting to find the source of what
appeared a Barnaby Joyce dissertation
on just about everything – discovered
he is talked about infinitely more than
ever talked to, misrepresented all too
easily and mercilessly plagiarised

shouldn’t be surprised, political media
eat politicians for lunch and Barnaby’s
a choice gnaw, ever so good for frank
and pithy repartee that’s unrepressed
his bite’s easier to get and less than a
blood-frenzied, enraged great white

but somewhere therein a grain of truth
lies – Barnaby isn’t an empty cask and
doesn’t pretentiously sermonise or ask
forgiveness – what you see is what you
get; he flies in the face of polity like an
unmasked, unbranded, red-neck steer
© 9 December 2010, I. D. Carswell