04 March 2011

Waking Early

between early waking for a spell
of reading, trading emails, writing
poetry, creating breakfast and
cleaning the stove there is still time
to make beds and change sheets 

uneasy weather forbade spraying
weeds while waiting laundry stalled
dreams of sleeping in – unrestrained
love-making would have had these
plans mingle seamlessly, but

it’s Saturday with lawns to mow;
we celebrate new confidence easily –
there’s twenty two shopping days
until Christmas with retail sales’
peaking at 
insanity's ceiling 

Spotlight’s blinds and curtaining is to
be our scene, hinting a new view for
prospectivity – we see opportunity
to redress opaque scrutiny in a set of
new clothes and vogue ideas

taking a firm stance on vending these
homes has our future looming less
contingent on chance and more a
prospect of good management palpably
enhanced by discretely waking early
© 27 November 2010, I. D. Carswell