22 March 2011



the weight is still no less a burden
nothing goes away without a wave
fĂȘted agonies remain as nagging doubts
while small relief implies apparent
drought is nearly at an end

change is evident in atmospherics
heavy with suspense; although amazed
it happened finally the trying step,
though quite discrete, is still a step
that’s yet too far away

it may be only me – a casualty of
common-sense; a tragic aged in reason
ill at ease, seen seasons pass majestically
but can’t release the gruesome reigns
once made controlling things

will I awake upon a day with clarity
and see beyond the compass of my
strength – will comfort be my friend?
I know rhetorically as yet in faith
anomalies like these remain
© 3 November 2010, I. D. Carswell