26 March 2011

Simple Recipes


simple recipes, staple ways to keep
and represent all classic tastes we
grew into; while she commands the
kitchen bench immensely as of right
still yet there’s ample space for you

combining rum balls and frivolity with
tinsel dressed aside the garnished
cherries blessed in strong liqueur –
walk a courted mile beside yourself
and find a plainly better cure 

they’re memories of times before –
of not-forgotten friends adored and
absent family we celebrate; we gave
into the anxious pace of recent years
but these assured will never wait

the smell conspires to conjure hints
of origins obscure – ovens redolent of
Christmas scents, of frankincense and
myrrh you’d like to say; perhaps its
best we let this honesty endure
© 21 December 2010, I. D. Carswell