25 March 2011


a ‘bludger Kiwi’ tag equates, I guess,
to when our ‘Cross The 
Tasman’ mates 
advanced ‘emselves unfairly over us;
by bein’ less than Dinkum Keepers of th’
Great Australian Faith it suggests they
must’ve stole a march. With more of ‘em
in jobs than us – y’d 'ave t' ask, or see
at least an opportunity we must’ve missed.

As we procrastinate debating really flakey
reasons not to let ‘em in, they come in
droves and work without complaint, well,
I meant in teams,okay – that’s far too un-
Australian for our sins so we all jack on it,
oblige ‘em keep the grudging peace while 

bloody tipping tons of peevish crap upon
their humble Aotearoa origins.

Bludging Kiwi bastards eh, so when
you gonna leave we ask, or is th’ dole
too sweet a purse for curses rendered
free? Amazingly they hold their tongues
until one says, just find me ONE, ‘you
beaut’, True Blue Contemporary Son
who’d work in silence like I’ve done –
and then I’ll gladly leave.
© 20 December 2010, I. D. Carswell

From Jane Hansen’s 18 December 2010 ‘The Sunday Mail’ article:
‘Bludger Kiwi tag officially sacked’