09 March 2011

Wrong By Definition


saying they’re all fatally alike
devalues the facts, women are
not males dressed differently

it is too easy to lower oneself
thinking those ‘out of character’
beliefs about females; but –

suppose a real situation from
social life – where two ladies
dress dramatically the same

unless twins they wouldn’t be
happily expressing similar joie
de vivre – in no fractious way
and then there is a diminished
flow of affinity between mothers
and daughters-in-law

try and explain that any way
but truthfully and you’ll have a
dilemma of identification

while in an arena of true contest
other females do their best to win
ascendancy by keen negotiation

so acquiescence means better use
of living space – without crude
imposition of brawn or brains

but confusing purpose for affection
plays mis̬re too easily Рthey
only appear to think the same

when there is apparency in wake
of faux consensus it isn’t a synonym
for synthetic agreement

most women wryly concur that
the male is wrong by definition –
but all disagree exactly why
© 6 November 2010, I. D. Carswell