10 March 2011

Epicures’ Flatulence


it wasn’t all that inspirational but
my briefcase contains evidence
can’t say why it was necessary to
keep the damn plate, especially as
it only contains chilli remnants
from the beans

yet in a sense it explains exactly
where I am at; making a meal of
what we’d ordinarily see as tinned
fare too passé to eulogise lent me
an ear – and an idea which paid
off in a sumptuous feast

chilli beans and rice with bacon
were easy to imagine, red and
green tobasco added to the pan
seemed natural expressions of
authenticity but a teaspoon of
vegemite was grand insight

the taste – magnificent, washed
down with a beer, slice of lime in
the neck, an Asian cum Mexican
sort of soiree where one eats
requited for simplicity yet beats
crap out of epicures’ flatulence
© 29 November 2010, I. D. Carswell