17 April 2011


Surrealism Mykeru.com1
Y' wouldn't believe the angst -
something so simple it’s lost in
the grain – there's no cleverness
in curing an illness which
feigns pseudo-symptoms with
such an absurd credibility

Taken literally it is an indecent
innocence as wretched as the
delirium of ingrained ignorance
spread deliberately – and then
as misinformation; there's
some of it masquerading here 

Read the words written literally,
they're no cynical measure of
your gullibility, but a guide, don't
predispose what it reveals of you;
believe what you may 
but in the event be unconstrained

A smile compensates for deranged
hand-waves signalling misleading
intentions of where you'll think to turn;
tailgating makes an interesting
occupation but the way you pay in
grins communicates gratitude
©24 January 2011, I. D. Carswell