18 April 2011

Road Space

So I pass th’ cojone, he’s
open highway dawdling
waving huevón biker mates
by – Christ I say, who the
dolce vita are you?

No mean machines though
30 grand top of the line
expressions of affectation
quite well ridden tho’ in a
few cases – atrociously

No escaping a lawyer-like
in-line congregation of dude
restraint comprising, possibly,
stock-brokers, financial advisers,
merchant bankers running free

Give us a break, I complain
stuck in their midst – where’s
a real ‘Bandido’ with an utterly
eccentric, amoral penchant
to liven up proceedings

Wasn’t to be; they challenged
no-one in their visions of
discretionary self-importance
enjoyed their use of road
space good-naturedly
© 27 January 2011, I. D. Carswell