09 April 2011

Not Alone

not falling on your feet exactly,
surviving, just, as if it’s something
mystical –

a bit like

copping plagues of ants in an
extreme excess of rain tuned
to Xmas - New Year recess,


seeing pictures of mad flooding
roadways in wmvs, although a
local live effect’s the same,

even wearing

a voluntary hair-trim leaving no
room for doubt, power blackouts
and internet transponder failures

and now

a noisy ‘rat’ making ‘home’
in the spare room – a wet
refugee bandicoot maybe;

but the inundated

homes nearby with neighbour’s
concerned offers of help genuinely
and freely made says


we’re isolated in fact – no obvious
escaping that callous reality, but
we know we’re not alone...
© 13 January 2011, I. D. Carswell