08 April 2011

This Wet

Was Sunday I believe this Wet began –
on a roll of damp intransigence, best
guess has seven weeks of rising creeks;
geeze, that’s 40 days & nights at least
it’s rained again!

It ain’t the rabid Wet which breaks my
timorous heart, god knows I’m used to
that, its poodle-faking upbeat crap one
must receive from faked fair-weather
sailors views which sap ones energy

Their safe urbane analogies in water-
violent treachery review an aching void,
they’re closet wankers too obsessed to
act with common sense or see there is
no way it’s safe to ride this bastard out

It’s raining Dudes, the Wet’s a drought
of anarchy; nothing’s safe but moves to
higher ground - before you cruise on rat
shit truth that’s drowned in rising
rectitude we’ve foundered on before 
© 11 January 2011, I. D. Carswell